• 04/09/2014

    I am interested in the potential of an image to convey a subjective experience. This has led me to produce images that pose as vernacular symbols. Working strictly from memory, my relationship with the surface of each work remains undistracted by other sources of instruction. Although my practice is currently focused on painting, the conceptual framework was established while working within sculpture and installation. Approaching the discipline from the outside allowed me to clearly understand parameters that I would not have been otherwise conscious of. Painting offers me the chance to make an image that is isolated, intimate, concentrated and yet a little out of control.

    Images that I utilize are part of a larger repository of information that I am constantly mining. As the original internal image source is constantly shifting and fleeting in my memory bank, the work reveals layers of attempts to depict the image as it appears. The observations I make outside of the studio changes what I reflect inside it. Outside, I move forward, age, interact and am concerned with my place in society. Inside the studio, I'm isolated. I look, react and reflect on wide spans of time. The resultant practice embodies the temporal conditions of a historical experience.

    “To realize an hour, we must count’now! ~~now!~~now~~now!~~’indefintely.”
    - William James
    *James, William. The Principles of Psychology. 1. New York: Cosimo, Inc, 1890. 612. Print.